Deeside Sunday Football League

Player Insurance info.

Bluefin Sports ,Castlemead, Lower Castle Street, Bristol, BS1 3AG

0345 872 5060

Policy re-newal date is 1st September annually, 

"Group Policy" 11083692 

Claim forms can be found on web site:-

Making a claim
Should a player need to make a claim it must be submitted to Woodgate & Clark Limited who have been appointed by the Insurer to handle all claims on their behalf.

A Claim Form can be found on website If you wish to submit details of your claim by post please arrange to return the fully completed claim form to Football PA Claims Team, Woodgate & Clark Limited, The Red House, King Street, West Malling, Kent, ME19 6QT or email

      Club                                           Policy info.

Boathouse FC                      Quote ref: 225433933     Client ref: 25965078

Claims Solutions UK           Quote ref: 209685033     Client ref: 11096183

Flint FC                                 Quote ref: 28294953       Client ref: 16180452

Offa's Dyke FC                      Quote ref: 205860577    Client ref: 16180968

White Bear FC                      Quote ref: 209679854    Client ref: 11084330

Wrexham Lager FC               Quote ref: 219582535   Client ref: 25322629

Copies of each policy below:-



Boathouse (421kb)
Claims Solutions (421kb)
Flint FC (421kb)
Offa's Dyke (421kb)
White Bear (421kb)

Wrexham Lager policy

File 1 (422kb)